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32 Leaves is not emo. Or hardcore. Or pop-punk. If their sound must be labeled, just call it "music for the pensive and brooding." Not that they're morbid, but growing up surrounded by the stark desert landscape of Phoenix, AZ must have planted a seed of intensity and reflection. "Exposing the darker side of things just comes naturally to us," says singer Greg Norris.

Moving deftly between the brutal and the beautiful, 32 Leaves offers up powerful, driving rock that is as at once aggressive and heavy, melodic and subtle. Sonically, they could be compared to kindred spirits like Deftones, A Perfect Circle or Dredg, but 32 Leaves' unique musical identity is found within the composition of their songs, their live shows and their relationships with each other and the world around them.

"It's always been a matter of synergy between the five of us," Norris explains. "It's truly a gift to have the connection that we have. Often it's so intense that we don't even need to speak to one another. Our ideas, thoughts and concerns work themselves out through us, through our music."

32 Leaves recently finished recording their debut album 'Welcome to the Fall' with Larry "Love" Elyea of Bioinc Jiver fame recording and mixing at The Salt Mine and Minds Eye Digital in Mesa, AZ.

As 2005 unfolds, 32 Leaves is focused and ready to bring their music to an ever-widening audience. "We've spent enough time huddled away in the rehearsal studio and the recording studio," Norris says. "We want reactions now...We want to see it in people's faces."

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