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Gaias Pendulum Bio

Gaias Pendulum
Band members
Andres Merchan - Drums Juan David Palacio - Guitar Adrian Diaz - Bass/Voices J. Miguel Gongora - Keyboards/Voices Hernan A. Yepes - Guitar


Formed in Medellin in 1995 under the name "Afliccion", but the group didn't get any trascendence and just keep working on his own songs. In January of 1997 they decide to include keyboards, trying to define the band and find clearest horizons. Of course, this causes a tremendous break in the sound and the way of compose, also the music style they was performing, defined by the band as "Violet Gothic", and also change the name to Gaias Pendulum, including also a second guitar.

For the 2000, his first production is released, "Vite" is a great and very professional work, but unfortunately didn't get the right promotion. Anyway Gaias Pendulum tour and plays live across his country and get a place as one of the most important exponents of metal in Colombia.
In 2003 HateWorks and Gaias Pendulum signs a deal and starts activities with the re-release of "Vite", totally renewed in a great digipak version. This time, the media gives more attention to the release and several shows be done supporting the album and the band get a nomination as "Best Live Act" in colombian music awards.

In 2004 the long awaited second album is released: "Scarlet Visions", in which the band defines his own sound, and starting a hard promotion campaign.

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