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Vanguard Bio

Band members
J.Grym : bass Suvi G : vocals L.Kuitunen : cello M.Seppänen : guitar A.Romu : guitar O.D. : guitar Tipi : drums


The force of nature known as Vanguard was born in 1999, when four musicians came together and set out to create something new and powerful.
Something living and organic, but still hard and heavy as hell. Vanguard quickly incorporated a cello, a piano and two very different vocalists to bring some fresh air into the digital sea that was the growing metal genre.
The gods themselves must have seen what a powerful combination this trans-genre band was, because weird divine interventions have plagued the band ever since. Against all odds and gods the band fought through hardships to bring their music to the world. They were hit by lightning. Vanguard lived on.
Three mixing tables mysteriously exploded when they recorded their material. The band fought on.
On the final take of their debut demo, there was a never before seen three city wide power blackout. Convinced that what they had given birth to was something out if this world and new, they now opposed the gods openly and send out their demo to the world.
The seven-headed orchestra was invited to Wacken Open Air to perform in a battle of the bands held by Metal Hammer Magazine and Armageddon Music.
The band came, saw and unleashed their momentum on the judges, wiping their competition off the stage, winning the battle and earning a record deal with Armageddon Music.
Now the maelstrom has forged its first album, SUCCUMBRA, which was recorded in Hamburg, Germany under the wings of producer Lars Ratz.
Something truly unique was created at Tornado studios combining the rock & roll momentum of heavy metal with the beauty of the gothic world and the raw strength from extreme music.
The final touches are added by mastermind Alex Krull who has worked with bands like Atrocity, Leaves' Eyes and Cradle Of Filth.
This living tantrum of passion will hit the world this summer, and we hope humanity is ready for it!

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