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My Ruin
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tairrie b - vocals yael - drums mick murphy - guitar johny chow - bass


"Horror immobilizes us because it is made of contradictory feelings; fear and seduction, repulsion and attraction. Horror is a fascination." Let us introduce you to MY RUIN. Four very unique and excitingly different individuals who together form a passion fueled monster of a band that is often imitated but never duplicated.

MY RUIN are Tairrie B on lead throat and vocals, Mick Murphy on guitar, Meghan Mattox on the bass and Yael all over the drums. Tairrie B's uncompromising and inspiring lyrical content delivered with a sharp tongue and a voice ranging from dark, spoken words to full-blown gut wrenching screams that rival most men twice her size remains the standard of comparison among most rock critics. Mick Murphy is rock guitar's best-kept secret. Originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, his 1970's old-school style and influence adds the texture of melody with the most original tone to hit a Marshall amp since Randy Rhoads. Cool, calm and collected Meghan Mattox is pure rock fury bass playing. Solid and low-slung, she holds down the rhythm section with a deep groove and a thick wall of sound. On drums is Yael, a native New Yorker and a rare find in the world of metal: a woman who is small in stature but massive behind her kit. She takes the art of drumming to another level altogether, obliterating the notion that woman can't shred.

With their new single "Made to Measure" and 4-song EP (which boasts a 13-minute up close and personal film noir-styled mini movie directed by Tairrie B herself), MY RUIN came back with a vengeance, giving their fans a taste of The Shape of Things to Come and proving without a doubt that "One Size Does Not Fit All" with a message of self-acceptance for both men and women alike. But it is their much-anticipated new full-length album The Horror of Beauty that is sure to lay all rumors to rest on what this band is capable of achieving. With contempt for the media's banal portrayal of perfection and lyrics seemingly taken from a hidden diary, The Horror of Beauty (co-produced by Mick Murphy, Todd Osenbaugh and Nick Raskulinecz of Foo Fighters, Marilyn Manson and Danzig fame) is a visceral response to the dehumanizing aspect of living in a consumer society and will be sure to satisfy the hunger of those starved for something different. While entire generations are being force-fed pre-fabricated images of beauty, MY RUIN dares to address fears individually, and it is this raw emotion that seduces their fans. Weighty with their words and armed with integrity and the weapon of truth through their art, not simply misplaced anger, the strength of their music comes from within their honesty.

Although newly signed to Century Media Records, MY RUIN is not new to the world of rock. In fact, they have an impressive track record under their collective studded belt. Their story began in 1998 as lead screamer Tairrie B's decided to leave her previous band (Manhole/Tura Satana) in attempt to grow as an artist. Speak & Destroy was created in 1999 when she invited a few friends and musicians to collaborate on what would be her first solo project. A mixture of heavy metal and spoken word she decided to record under the new moniker "MY RUIN". While touring the project in the U.K. with hired musicians, one being bassist Meghan Mattox, the idea of making MY RUIN a real, living breathing band crossed her mind but it wasn't until she met guitarist Mick Murphy that this idea became a reality. In 2000 A Prayer Under Pressure of Violent Anguish was recorded and soon after, hard-hitting drummer Yael was soon recruited. With a new line-up and musical vision MY RUIN began touring to sold-out shows in the U.K. and soon released their first live album To Britain with Love and Bruises a gift of thanks to the U.K. fans who had been so supportive of the band. After fulfilling contract obligations, Tairrie and company decided it was time to write, record and find a new home for what would be the next album for MY RUIN. During this time they self-financed a tour in the U.S. with Kittie and cut merchandise deal with the goth/rock nationwide chain store Hot Topic which helped them to build their stateside profile as they continued to write and record. After countless sold-out L.A. shows, MY RUIN were voted "Best Hard Rock/Metal Band" by readers at the L.A. Weekly Awards in 2002 and were soon signed by Century Media after recording and producing their new album themselves.

The Horror of Beauty is not the glamorization of images. It is the deconstruction of the ideas. Beauty is not specific but relative in this case. Not just personal but universal and not just physical but emotional. The "beauty" in question is more than what you can see within the person. It is what you can feel within the music. It is all encompassing. The music, which lays the foundation for the intense vocal trauma, is a very moving emotional manic storm. MY RUIN songs breathe and constrict - just like the human heart. On stage they explode into something beautifully brutal; an original blend of sleazy stoner meets metal rock & roll with "Exorcist-Like a Prayer" vocals. They connect with their audience because the band members believe in what they do. It's real, not just another pre-formulated pop rock copycat band. MY RUIN has worked hard to develop a dedicated worldwide underground cult-like following. They have proven there is a indeed a market for their brand of next level metal with almost a half a million hits on their official website and hundreds of fan-inspired clubs and sites throughout the internet and still counting. Press? Well, that speaks for itself; the amount of press this band has generated on its own is phenomenal. MY RUIN have been featured in and on the covers of major rock magazines from the U.K. to the US, and their records past to present have generated rave reviews. As Joshua Sindell of Kerrang! & Metal Edge once wrote, "MY RUIN is the rawest expression of musical catharsis ever witnessed." May we remind you that "Horror is immobility, the great yawn of empty space, the womb and the hole in the earth, the universal mother and the great garbage heap…with horror we cannot have recourse to flight or combat, there remains only adoration or exorcism"? The message is clear: "BEAUTY IS TRULY IN THE HEART OF THE BELIEVER." You either believe or you don't. It's up to you.

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