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It all started at early 2001, the domestic Israeli scene saw the end of the death metal legend BETRAYER (1992-2001) and the black metal cult AZAZEL (1995-2001), both bands members wanted to continue their activities within the fields of the metal scene but set up something which fits their own style as composers/lyricists/writers, and generally artists.

Therefore, Yishai Swearts (Vocalist and leader of BETRAYER) joined forced with Alex Schuster, Evil Haim and Miko (Guitar Player, Bass Player and Drummer of AZAZEL), the band also recruited Matan Cohen (Guitar Player for BETZEFER) and Nail Within came to earth..

In the beginning of 2002 the band contacted the legend thrash metal producer Harris Johns in order to book him as a producer in his own studio, The "Spiderhouse" for July 2002 to record their debut album. Harris Johns got his legend reputation as a producer during the 80's with classic albums such as "Pleasure To Kill" (Kreator) "Agent Orange" (Sodom) "Dimension Hatros" (Voivod) and his work with Helloween, Celtic Frost, Immolation, Protector, Tankard etc..

July 2002: Nail Within recorded their debut album at "Spiderhouse Studio" in Lutte, Germany. Produced by Harris Johns and Zeev Tananboim, the album contains 11 fast thrash/death metal songs, some guest appearences done in the album by Mille Petrozza (Kreator) Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates, Lock Up, The Great Deciever) Robert Gonella (Assassin) Zeev Tananboim (Salem) and Harris Johns himself. Nir Nakav (Salem) played the drums in this album.

The album's material can be described as fast aggressive & melodic death metal with thrash elements and twin guitar work, emotional, executed, raw and straightforward metallic storm.

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