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Divinity Destroyed
Band members
Mark Ward - Vocals, Guitar Daniel Leonard - Drums, Vocals Thomas Ward - Guitars, Vocals Jonny Heerema - Keys Jim Cowen - Bass


For you fans of classic literature, an interview with Mark will be featured in this month's issue of Unrestrained. The interrogation may include an in-depth look into the band's philosophy, along with an insightful commentary on the state of the underground music scene. It may also just be Mark acting like a jackass.

Although we previously stated that we are going to concentrate pushing the Screaming Ferret re-release of Eden, we are still working on new material, planning to release an EP. So far, the blueprints include 3 new songs, 3 acoustic songs, and one solo piano version. Plans may change though, depending on how soon we can purchase an oboe.

Shuttling ourselves further into the silent vacuum of our wallets, this past month hosted our official farewell to great big convoys. Divinity Destroyed is now the proud owner of a healthy, 424 lbs trailer. This recent acquisition now increases our chances of touring from impossible to nigh impossible.

Speaking of unspeakable debt, recent demand to reprint the baby-tees has forced us to do what we do best: buckle under pressure. That's right. Newly designed baby-tees will be available at this Sunday's show in Manahawkin. Cram that up your clam flaps.

Pick up your copy of Eden in Ashes today! Or tomorrow!

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