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Destroyed By Anger Bio

Destroyed By Anger
Band members
Jay - vocals
Patrick - guitar
Dave - guitar
Chris - bass
Tom - drums


Formed circa 1994 in Long Island, New York, DESTROYED BY ANGER dove head first into an exhausted and overcrowded scene in hopes of blowing a bit of fresh air into the decaying lungs of the hardcore/metal world.

Three months after their formation, DBA gave the masses their first taste of a powerful, uncompromising, abrasive music attempted by so many others, but until now not perfected. In no time, writers, fans,' and radio were singing the praises of DBA. Their almost instant appreciation took them to the top of the college radio circuit were they maintained top airplay in many states including CA, FL, NY, TX, and NJ amongst others. As a direct result they were invited to headline the MacRock Radio Festival at James Madison University in VA. Within one year DBA had sold over 6,000 units of their debut CD with the aid of Vulture Entertainment.

Although many bands have tried and failed, DESTROYED BY ANGER have gained acceptance both in the hardcore and metal genre's. Vocalist Jay, has his roots firmly planted in the industry for over ten years, serving as manager to such bands as Suffocation (Roadrunner) Broken Hope (Metal Blade) and Human Remains (Relapse, guitarist Jim later moved on to DEADGUY). They have opened for such bands as, V.O.D., Hatebreed, Machine Head, Crowbar, Shutdown, and Merauder and did an east coast tour with Suffocation. To see DBA live is a must. Anyone who has seen this band, will confirm that their stage presence is second to none! You will leave the show feeling like you have just been run down by a Mac Truck.

DBA have recently recorded "Offsetting The Balance", a masterpiece crossover album of ten brutal tracks, including a DBA style remake of the Cro?Mags "Malfunction". Lyrically, DBA explore many personal tragedies, social issues, and government atrocities. The album was recorded by Michael Barile, at Purple Light Studio (E?Town Concrete, Canderia, Fahrenheit 451), in Brooklyn, NY. Mastering was performed by Roger Liam (Staind) at Masterdisk, NY.

DBA begins domination of both the hardcore and metal community are you ready to join us or follow us!

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