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Ashmedi Moloch Al' Hazred Xul

black metal
folk metal

In mid 1993, a malicious seed was born under the name MELECHESH, which originally was a solo project of Melechesh Ashmedi. In early 1994, Melechesh Ashmedi (guitars/vocals) joined forces with Moloch (guitars) and Lord Curse (drums), and thus evolved this black entity from the Mediterranean/Near East/Middle East lands into a real, established band. This also made them the first band, of such nature, to exist in the Holy Cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

1994 did not spawn any studio recordings, yet there were a couple of unofficial rehearsal tapes released, which were vainly circulated in the underground. It wasn't until 1995 that the debut demo "As Jerusalem Burns...Al' Intisar" was released and quickly dispersed into the International Black Metal Underground Scene and received a very good response.

The MELECHESH djinns together with Lowlife Media have done a GENII-OUS job with their new video clip, which is in its final editing stages. Genies, Sorcerers and Mesopotamian Nights was directed by Ashmedi and Lowlife Media.
Ashmedi has described the clip as „·a Magickal Manifestation of Mesopotamian Mysticism", „Definitely a real Creative Lavish Intriguing Production".

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