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Here it is, simple and true, the story of the band, The UNheardOf, and it's drive to bring back "killer rock songs", "passionate lyrics" and "a shit load of raw attitude", the way rock n' roll is meant to be. Begining in late 2003, Los Angeles local music scenesters and fouding Two Hit Creeper members Michael Del Pizzo and James "Jaboo" Amen decided to go back to their musical roots and rediscover why exactly they play music and what would be most creatively and emotionally fulfilling. The two decided to do what came most naturally, play rock n' roll that is influenced by bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Guns n' Roses, Rainbow, Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots among many others.
Within weeks of that fateful decision, the two prolific song writers had already amassed over 30 songs of purely inspired emotion. From the outset, these two songwriters were not afraid to cover a wide variety of dynamic, length, color, intensity and range of emotion within the songwriting. Whether it be the attitude filled rocker "Shake", or the ever so honest and devastatingly heartfelt "Your Face" or the lengthy Zeppelin/Sabbathesque epic "So Life Deceives", it became quite clear that these two would have no boundries nor any fear in reaching their deepest muse.

Shortly after those songwriting sessions, the two on their search to find a magical rhythm section, crossed paths with a pure natural talent and monster rock drummer Bobby Varnadoe from South Carolina. Instantly, realizing the magnetic and almost spiritual musical connection, the three along with various session bass players began fine tuning the material with persistent rehearsing and small unannounced live performances under the name,The UNheardOf.

After months of bonding as a unit, The UNheardOf while performing one of their "infectiosly passionate" acoustic sets were offered sponsored recording time at 4th Street Studios in Venice Beach, CA (Incubus, CKY, Live) and began laying down tracks that were completed at Studio 1605 in Huntington Beach, CA (Human Lab, Drown, Corporaret Avenger) with Marco Forcone to appear on the 2005 debut E.P. The 8 songs that appear on this E.P. are an intense introduction into the atttidue, emotion and range the band presents.

As a result of the consistent writing, live gigs and recording sessions, The UNheardOf has individually and collectively reached new heights as musicians evolving into a fiery, raw, attitude filled emotional rock band. From Bobby's Bonham like attack, to Jaboo's ripping leads and subtle acoustic touch that bring to mind Jimmy Page, Zak Wylde and Slash, to Michael's passionate lyics, soaring melodies and raw punk fueled live showmanship, The UNheardOf own the qualities of the great unhinged rock bands.

The UNheardOf are the rock band that everyone must experience both acoustic and on the big stage. This band, the individuals, their music, the passion and vibe all combined with that unwavering raw attitude makes this one thundersome and epic experience not to be missed.

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