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Heartfelt Discord
Band members
Gordon - Vocals Natale - Guitars and Vocals Matt - Guitars Rob - Bass Walter - Drums


In the beginning stages most of the members were currently playing in other bands, so the idea of putting Heartfelt Discord together was primarily thought of as a side project. But since most of the band listened to all different styles of hardcore, the urge to form a band that could express that with no limitations was just too great. Heartfelt Discord got together and began to write songs which they felt best represented themselves while remaining free from being labeled into a specific genre of music. Shortly after the writing process began, natale asked matt, who played guitar in his current nj metalcore band(a life less perfect) to join up with them. After matt's arrival Heartfelt Discord's sound really began coming together, and things just started flowing. Since the members current projects weren't working out for one reason or another, Heartfelt Discord quickly changed from a side project to the only band that really mattered. In late June Heartfelt Discord recorded their upcoming ep titled "Something From Within" and plans to keep moving forward, taking their love for music as far as they can.

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