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Band members
Mark Rose - Vocals and Guitar JD Romero - Drums Dan Lowder - Guitar TJ Minich - Bass


The message is clear. On their latest album, "Stop Doing Bad Things," Spitalfield demand honesty and deliver it. From the battle-cry of Tampa Bum Blues, "If you've got something to say, just say it," to the road poetry of "From The Desk of B. Larson," Spitalfield have dropped the gloves and delivered the album that defines their past and looks into their future. With hard driving songs that embrace their trademark pop sensibilities and then mash them up against crunchy, powerful guitars and thick drums, the band has found a sound that perfectly reflects the changes in their world view as they look back on two years on the road.

Spitalfield was formed in the suburbs of Chicago in 1998 and by 2000, they released a split 12" followed by 2001's "Faster Crashes Harder" on Sinister label. In 2002 "The Cloak And Dagger Club EP" released to rave reviews from Maximumrocknroll and Punk Planet and larger labels came calling. Spitalfield signed to Victory Records and immediately began recording what would be their label debut, "Remember Right Now". Called "Rumbling, earnest pop-punk filled with subtle orchestral elements, breakdowns and straightforward melodies" by Alternative Press, the album opened doors for Spitalfield, who began touring with bands like Thursday, Piebald, and Sugarcult.

When the time came to record their follow-up, the band turned to Ed Rose, who helmed the albums of The Get Up Kids, Coalesce and Motion City Soundtrack. After one month sequestered in Black Lodge Studio in the unlikely locale of Eudora, Kansas, Spitalfield emerged with an album that defies easy categories. It's a pop record for hard rockers; vocal harmonies, raw guitars and a thick drum sound- reminiscent of Foo Fighters- create a framework for songs about living in the alternate dimension that is a band's reality. "Working with Ed Rose was one of the best studio experiences we've had to date. I think he tries to learn as much from the sessions as we do. That says a lot about him as a producer. We all feel he did a great job helping us to craft not just a sound- but a vibe for the album." Black Lodge is known for being comfortable and homey, but Spitalfield heightened the atmosphere with a framed photograph of Mike Ditka, former coach of the Chicago Bears and one the band's personal heros.

Songwriting duties on "Stop Doing Bad Things" were shared amongst the band members, with singer Mark Rose and bassist T.J. Minich taking on the majority of the lyrics. The entire band shouldered the music and arrangements, each bringing influences into the mix that meshed in the studio. Spitalfield name The Promise Ring, Jimmy Eat World and Foo Fighters as primary influences - but some of their touring partners left lasting impressions as well. "I think that this record is heavily influenced by some of the bands that we've toured with in the past couple years. Hey Mercedes, Engine Down, The Jealous Sound, and Piebald... to name a few. We wanted to make a rock record that not only showcases what we're all about- but also what we've learned, and picked up from those bands which we've admired so much."

Touring non-stop has built Spitalfield a passionate fan base - downloads of their songs on the popular music site top 300,000, they were featured in Alternative Press's 100 Bands You Need To Know, and in Spring 2005 they will make their first trip overseas, touring the U.K. with Fall Out Boy. The band's commitment to musical growth and lyrical sincerity, combined with a few years of road time helped to solidify the bonds of friendship and create the stellar achievement that is "Stop Doing Bad Things".

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