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In whetted anticipation of the forthcoming Nuclear Assault studio effort, Screaming Ferret Wreckords/Escapi Music has delved into the vaults and, on November 16th 2004, is issuing a remastered edition of Attitude, the extremely rare sophomore solo effort by Nuclear Assault's legendary drummer Glenn Evans under the moniker CIA.

Originally released to limited capacity in 1992, Attitude displays both Glenn's amazing musical prowess, and his humanity. According to Glenn, "The CIA Attitude album was recorded in a period of my life when things were beginning to fall apart…my marriage, Nuclear Assault, and life in general. Everyone has those periods in their life at one time or another. I had a lot of emotions flowing through me and the easiest way to get them out was through music. I was proud of it then, and I'm proud of it now. It never really had a proper release, and this time around it will."

Glenn describes this album as "one of the proudest moments of my insane life." And for good reason. The 9 blistering tracks on Attitude really show Glenn's abilities beyond just amazing skills as a drummer. Glenn is a songwriter, and it shows. The opening track "Ace In The Hole" compels the listener to chant along to the chorus, while "No Need to Impress" illustrates Glenn's feelings of self-reliance.

Perhaps the most impressive fact about this album is that it couples Nuclear Assault's trademark aggression with Glenn's advanced technical musicianship as he plays guitar, drums, bass, and provides vocals. Glenn shares guitar duties with original Nuclear Assault axeman Anthony Bramante and longtime friend, Dave DiPietro. This revival of a creative teaming from the past would later lead to a strong addition to the Nuclear Assault ranks: "It was also the beginning of re-uniting with Dave DiPietro, my early co-band mate with T.T. Quick" says Glenn, "In fact, this album was the stepping-stone for Dave to joining Nuclear Assault for the Something Wicked album and tour. He is an amazing guitarist, and I was proud to have him perform on the record."

With fans eagerly awaiting the new Nuclear Assault album due for release in early 2005, Attitude is guaranteed to keep the metal masses satisfied.

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