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Anger Bio

Band members
Pedro Pereira - Vocals and Guitars Ricardo de Melo - Bass Luís Silva - Keyboards Afonso Côrte-Real - Drums


Anger got together in late 1994, in the city of Aveiro, Portugal. Pedro Pereira in the vocals and guitar, Lino Vinagre playing guitar, Tó Viegas playing bass and Afonso Corte-Real in the drums.

Their first gig happened in the summer of 1995, but it was their second gig, in October of the same year, in Johnny Guitar, Lisbon, that spotlighted not only their technical knowledge, energy and the quality of their sound, but made pretty obvious that the four guys from Aveiro had a blessing from the gods: after watching their concert, the A&R from the powerful recording company NorteSul shows interest in the band.
And so it begins the signing of the band. Their first release, an homonym album, is released under the trademark of Valentim de Carvalho company, in July of 1997, anticipated by the single 'Low Life'. But before that, Anger had gotten their their first bath of crowd, during their gig in Queima das Fitas (Coimbra).

Still in July 1997, marked by the entrance of Ricardo Melo, replacing Tó Viegas, a promotional tour starts - the 'Anger Tour', as it was called - that would lead them to perform, among others, at the Imperial ao Vivo Festival (as the opening act for Scorpions and Megadeth), at the Blitz stage in Sudoeste Festival, at the Paredes de Coura Festival (with One Minute Silence), at the Rock In Ria Festival and as the opening act for Megadeth, once again, in the the Pavilhão Dramático de Cascais. The tour ends up with an invitation from Clawfinger to support them in one of their European Tour gigs (also headlining the One Minute Silence), in Via Rápida, Oporto.

The meeting with One Minute Silence at the Paredes de Coura Festival would be one of the most important steps in the band's life: not only showed the band to Clawfinger, but it also opened the gate to a first European tour, with the north-american D.R.I. Thus, during the first months of 1998, Anger showed their art in European countries, such as Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Spain.

Back to Portugal, and still in 1998, to end the promotion of their first album, they perform with Breed77, play in Expo98 and went to play with Clawfinger once again, in Mira. But the time had come to produce a new album...

In November 1998 Anger start working on their new album, 'Y2K', released once again through NorteSul. But before the edition, there was still some time for a national tour with Tarântula and for a second European tour, now as headliners, with the Dutch band Vanity Fair, that would take them, once again, to Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.

Anticipated by the single 'Look Sharp', 'Y2K' is finally released in May 1999. Reinforced by the entrance of Luís Silva, in the Keyboards, Anger start a promotional tour and, until late 1999, they perform at, among others, Hard Club and Paradise Garage stages, at the Super Bock Super Rock, T99 (with Metallica and Monster Magnet), Hard Fest and Sudoeste Festivals and perform as the opening act for Megadeth in Coliseu do Porto. The year finally comes to an end, with a new concert at the Hard-Club, in December.

In 2000 they keep the concerts in Portugal, performing at the academic weeks in Viseu, Aveiro, Portalegre, Guarda and Vila Real and in the Vilar de Mouros and Aveiro Festivals, where they would meet with Breed77 once again, as well as with Leadfoot. In the meantime NorteSul, with whom they had signed a contract of 4 albums, finds themselves with huge financial problems and, in February 2001, the band and the recording company friendly decide to break the contract. In April of the same year Anger give their contribute to the Tarântula tribute, with the track 'If You Close Your Eyes', appearing also at the tribute show, that got various bands together, in Autumn. Before that, Anger had already played with Soulfly at Praça Sony, Lisbon.

In 2002 Anger start thinking in releasing a new album. In between live gigs (Enterro em Aveiro week, Hard Fest Festival, Hard Club, again with Breed77, etc.), Anger start doing some studio work and records a few demo for their album. Based on the work of those recording sessions, Cobra recording company shows interest for the release of Anger's new album and signs Anger. Recorded in May and July of 2003 at the Area51 Studio in Hannover, Germany, with Tommy Newtom, known for his work with Guano Apes, 'The Bliss' is released in September 2003, anticipated by the single 'Say (What You Wanna)'.

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