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Buried Inside Bio

Buried Inside
Band members
Andrew Tweedy: Guitar, Vocals Matias Palacios-Hardy: Guitar Nicholas A. Shaw: Vocals Michael B. Godbout: Drums Stephen A. Martin: Bass, Vocals


Formed in the summer of 1997, BURIED INSIDE is a five-piece heavy/aggressive band from Ottawa, Canada. Over the past seven years, the band has toured extensively throughout North America with such bands as THE END, CONVERGE, CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION, BREAK OF DAWN and UNEARTH among others. BURIED INSIDE has released two full-length albums: 'In And Of The Self' (Matlock Records, 1999) and 'Suspect Symmetry' (Cyclop Media, 2001), respectively. The latter was recently released on LP overseas via Germany's React With Protest label.

BURIED INSIDE is currently set to release their first Relapse full-length and third overall album, entitled 'Chronoclast.' Produced by Matt Bayles (Isis, Soundgarden, Mastodon) at Sound of One Hand Studios, and over three years in the making, 'Chronoclast' was written as a single 40-minute piece using an array of instruments ranging from strings and brass to piano and electric organ. BURIED INSIDE's 'Chronoclast' is set for release in early 2005, and will be followed by endless touring in support.

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