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Scenes Bio

Band members
Alex Koch - Vocals Chris Lorey - Guitar Matthias Gamer - Guitar Jan Ebert - Bass Florian Wnezel - Keyboards Hendrik Edelthalhammer - Drums


The beginnings

SceneS started in January 1995 as a two-person project consisting of the two musicians Chris Lorey (guitar) and Matthias Gamer (guitar). Two demos were recorded and released that same year.

New influences

In 1996 they were joined by Hendrik Edelthalhammer (drums) and Jan Ebert (bass), additions which decisively influenced the music. Scenes became much more "groovy."

SceneS becomes a band

In 1998 SceneS became a complete band with the addition of Viktor Schönfeld and Eddy Nowroth on keyboards and guitar, respectively. Matthias Gamer had previously left SceneS. A variety of appearances were completed with the help of guest vocalists. After a long search, a dedicated singer was found at last in July 1999.

The first CD

The band recorded their first demo CD New Beginning in April 1999. The title New Beginning was an allusion to the music and not least to the long sought-after full lineup.

SceneS live

The band was able to put on a number of live appearances throughout 1999 and 2000. Shortly before the release of a full-length album in the summer of 2000 the band was again left without a singer. The album could not be released and Viktor and Eddy left SceneS shortly thereafter.

A fresh wind

Florian Wenzel joined the SceneS camp in January 2001 as the new keyboardist. He has been a good friend of the band for many years and has played with some of the SceneS musicians in other bands and projects. Florian brought a lot of energy and many new influences that impacted the SceneS "sound."

After new material was written in the summer of 2002, Scenes began pre-production in the SubZero Studio in Backnang, Germany.

The singer

SceneS had asked Alex Koch whether he wanted to become the frontman for the band as early as 1998. Finally in the summer of 2001 it came to pass. After Nektarios Bamiatzis had to leave the band as a result of his engagement with DSDS (Pop Idol Germany), Alex took over the position.

The shows

SceneS had the opportunity to play live at some of the bigger festivals in the next few years, including Radio-Ton Open Air in August 2002 (Crailsheim, Germany) and the WNF (World Nature Festival) in Munich in August of 2003 with Bonfire and Uriah Heep. The five swabians also converted the crowds with their stage presence as opener for Evergrey (Aalen, Germany) in November 2004 and on tour with Cornerstone (featuring ex-Rainbow vocalist Dougie White) early in 2005.

The company

In 2004 SceneS signed a contract with the Swedish label ESCAPI Music as a result of negotiation with new management.

"Call Us At the Number You Provide"

The album Call Us At the Number You Provide will appear in the spring of 2005. SceneS hooked up with Tommy Newton, who was very interested in the material and mixed and mastered the record. Dirk Thurisch (Angel Dust, Mercury Tide) and Markus Jürgens (Ex-Brainstorm, Pump) supported Alex with backing vox in the recording of "I Will Stay."

Currently SceneS is showcasing "Call Us At the Number You Provide" live, and is working on new songs for the next album.

To be continued…

The name of the band expresses the desire of the musicians to paint pictures and images in the ear of the listener.

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