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Band members
Ross Dolan - Bass and Vocals Thomas Wilkinson - Guitar Robert Vigna - Guitar Alex Hernandez - Drums


Not only has IMMOLATION created some of the darkest and most blasphemous anthems this world has ever experienced, they have endured years of existence and tribulation, only to overcome all. Stronger, more focused and more motivated than ever... this band is ready to take the world of death/black metal out of the underground and into hearts of innocent masses like no band before!

Formed in the late 80's, IMMOLATION burned through the underground empowered by two demos and a rabid cult following. The band released its debut album, "Dawn Of Possession" on Roadrunner records in 91, becoming an instant classic in the genre with it's heavy haunting sound and unforgettable hymns. Although the band toured and even reached new areas untouched by this style of music at the time, they found themselves amidst an explosion of a scene saturated with hundreds of clones and countless albums of poor music, causing new interest in death metal to subside. This and numerous other reasons also found IMMOLATION without a follow up album for almost five years, a situation that would have put an end to most bands. Releasing such an album after so much time and so little exposure was a feat not many bands could achieve in a constant changing scene, much less succeed in. IMMOLATION released their 2nd full-length album, "Here In After", on MetalBlade in 96. With this release IMMOLATION proved that their music stood the test of time, and that their following was still fully intact. The new songs, though very complex and intricate, were quite memorable and found the band expanding their musical abilities, forging uneasy time signatures and untypical structures into a controlled musical blitz. They toured endlessly with the help of such acts as Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under, spreading their powerful music across the land. Touring well into 97 the band began working on new material and recorded their 3rd full- length release, "Failures For Gods", in the summer of 98. Although this album wasn't released until June 99 due to a delay in the artwork (which was well worth the wait), it showed the bands progression once again. The songs were complex, but this time the music breathed more and let the listener experience more of the feelings, moods and atmosphere. Keeping the untypical typical, and the unexpected always expected of them, soon became IMMOLATION's trademark. The band now not only proved that death/black metal was able to survive the long haul, but that it can also be fresh and multi dimensional as well. "Failures For Gods" not only established IMMOLATION as a headlining act in Europe and the US, but it established the band as one of the most lethal forces in the scene.

This fall MetalBlade is proud to bring forth the release of IMMOLATION's finest work to date, "CLOSE TO A WORLD BELOW". This album culminates years of hard work, dedication, experience and an eagerness to take this style of music beyond all expectations. While others mimic and wallow in what is around them, IMMOLATION once again reinvents themselves with some of the most powerful, innovative, soul crushing music metal has ever heard. The songs are heavier, darker, and more devastating, yet more emotional, musical and straight forward. The seamless blend of death, black and doom metal combined with their vast appreciation of all styles of music makes this album the most unique and interesting collection of unholy anthems the world has seen in a long time. The album flows from beginning to end in array of moods, landscapes and pure ominous presence.

IMMOLATION's wicked music together with the heavy production of Paul Orofino and the unsurpassed artwork of Andreas Marschall will truly take you, "CLOSE TO A WORLD BELOW". Going beyond the stretches of imagination and past the boundaries of dark extreme metal it will be proven once again that there is a glimpse of hope on the horizon of a decade to be. The pioneers,... IMMOLATION.

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