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Closer Than Kin Bio

Closer Than Kin
Band members
Nicholas - vocals
Rich - bass, vocals
JK - guitar
Steve - guitar
Roger - drums


Closer Than Kin is a hard-core/punk band that hails from southeastern New England. This band brings you the type of music that hits you hard and stays with you until their next show. The band has been around since March of 2000 and has played in over 15 different states, and playing everything from two week long tours to just the weekend gigs. You can find their current CD in a wide arrangement of distros world wide along with being released in Portugal in Nov. of 2000. To tell you something about their sales, the CD has sold over 1200 copies in 5 short months. Getting reviews that can only help: "they are on their way to be a band like Verbal Assault or Avail," from Plasti Bomb Germany, "good fast paced punk/hard-core," from A.O.W. webzine, "is def. true to hard-core/punk rock "from Retrogression webzine, "it reminds me of when lifetime was a hard-core band," from All About Records zine and distro, and "ferocious punk attitude in the vain of Bane but with more melody," form Worcester phoenix. That is a brief description of the bands current release and we are hoping you enjoy their music as much as they do. Thank you for your time and please enjoy Closer Than Kin.

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