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Band members
Stefan Fiori - vocals Lukas Flarer - guitar Eric Treffel - guitar Harry Klenk - guitar Sabine Mayr - keys Martin Innerbichler - drums


Dark vibes, mystic atmosphere and loads of melodic Black Metal elements are the ingredients that sum up the magnificent sound of GRAVEWORM. Their previous albums "As The Angels Reach The Beauty" (1999), "Scourge Of Malice" (2001) and "Engraved In Black" (2003) established the young band from Tyrol as serious competitors to acts like CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR or SATYRICON.
The new opus "(N)Utopia" - again created with the substantial help of producer Andy Classen (e.g. DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER, DEW-SCENTED, DISBELIEF, FINAL BREATH) at the German Stage One Studios - continues GRAVEWORM's recipe of success: Black-dyed guitar work mixed with the manifold screams and growls of singer Stefan Fiori and stunning keyboard melodies make this record even more haunting and exciting than "Engraved In Black" - listening to the catchy opener 'I - The Machine' or title track '(N)Utopia' clarifies that GRAVEWORM far from being a poor copy of CRADLE OF FILTH or DIMMU BORGIR, are a matured act with an own identity.
Thus "(N)Utopia" is without any doubts the best and most varied piece of exquisite Melodic Black Metal the sextet has created thus far.
GRAVEWORM's debut album "When Daylight's Gone" was released 1998 by Serenades Records. Back then the band was still moving within the Gothic Metal styles and vibes. A tour with THERION and LAKE OF TEARS soon followed, and the Italians came up with a very tight and powerful stage show that awakened the interest of the metal scene. Besides fans of dark-styled music, several concert promoters also got interested in the band, leading to an appearance at the famous Wacken Open Air in summer 1998 and a road report of GRAVEWORM playing at the Serenades Records festival on national Italian TV.
The second longplayer "As The Angels Reach The Beauty" - released by Last Episode Records - infused with harder and catchier dark hymns, already showed the band's intention to move more towards Black Metal regions. GRAVEWORM set off for a German tour with MYSTIC CIRCLE, STORMLORD and SUIDAKRA, followed by a European tour with AGATHODAIMON and SIEBENB?RGEN and more festival appearances such as the worldwide largest Gothic festival, the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany.
" Scourge Of Malice" marked the most brutal and intense creation of GRAVEWORM to date, leading to the band's first headliner tour together with VINTERSORG, DORNENREICH and DARKWELL as supporting acts. Shows at the Summer Breeze Open Air 2001 and the Badia Rocks 2002 were greatly successful, making GRAVEWORM more and more popular all over Europe.
In late 2002, GRAVEWORM changed the label again and signed a contract with Nuclear Blast through whom they released "Engraved In Black". With matured skills and abilities, the album managed to stay in the German trend charts for several weeks and bestowed GRAVEWORM with even more possibilities (gigs at Wacken 2003, Summer Breeze 2003, Metalfest Vienna 2003, Wave Gotik Treffen 2004, Skeleton Bash 2004 and many many more) - not to mention very successful tours with DESTRUCTION and KATAKLYSM.

In 2004, some line up changes occurred: Drummer Martin Innerbichler had to take a time out due to health problems and is replaced by Moritz Neuner until 2005. Guitarist Steve Unterpertinger left for good - Lukas Flarer, who also wrote a lot of material for "(N)Utopia", joined in as new axeman. Last but not least, founding member Harry Klenk is back on bass, making GRAVEWORM a solid sextet.
GRAVEWORM will shoot a clip for the opening track 'I - The Machine' and release title track '(N)Utopia' as club single in advance. An extensive tour with the crazy humppa metallers of FINNTROLL in April 2005 is planned as well - so stay tuned as "(N)Utopia" will also raid your town!

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