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Raging Speedhorn Bio

Raging Speedhorn
Band members
Gordon Morison - Drums & accordian Darren 'Daz' Smith - Bass Jaye Thompson - Guitar Gareth 'Gaz' Smith - Guitar John Loughlin - Vocals Frank Regan - Vocals & picolo


Raging Speedhorn first came to be in August of 1998. The forming of the band was a result of the combination of the bands 'Soulcellar' and 'Box'. Guitarist Gareth Smith, drummer Frank Regan and bassist Darren Smith from 'Soulcellar' met up with guitarist Tony Loughlin, vocalist Jon Loughlin and drummer Gordon Morison from 'Box' to form Raging speedhorn. Frank Regan, formerly a drummer then changed to vocals along with Jon Loughlin to make an outstanding team.

As the songs began to flow, Speedhorn recorded demos, and got a few good giggs, getting strong reviews in important magazines like Kerrang! and Metal Hammer.Their first big break came when they supported the legindary 'Ministry' at the London Astoria. From then on they never looked back, and have got stronger and stronger.

Speedhorn have now recorded about 20 songs in just over a year together, and they play live regularly, with some great acts. Easily their biggest gig so far was at the Ozzfest UK, along with the likes of the mighty SlipKnoT and Amen.They have also been touring regularly, sponsored by Kerrang! and Metal Hammer.

Their first demo song [selling over 800 coppies], Thumper, has since been released on Metal Hammer's December 1999 cover mount CD. Ian Camfield has also given Speedhorn plenty of airplay on his Xfm show. All this has built up to the release of their debut album, entitled 'Raging Speedhorn', which was released in the spring of 2001.

After the success of their debut album, Raging Speedhorn kept up the tough schedule and started working towards a new album. Touring the country regularly, as well as trying to maintain part-time jobs meant that time to write was limmited. However, two years on from when we were first greeted by the din of Speedhorn, 'We'll Be Dead by Tomorrow' is set for release in the summer this year. 'The Hate Song' is the first single from this album, and was released on June 24, 2002. Appearing on the main stage at the Reading Festival this summer, as well as having more than one headline tour is sure to give them the publicity they deserve. And so, my friends, the story comes to an end... for now, anyway.

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