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Trenchfoot Bio

Band members
Noel Thomas - Vocals Justin Krasnodemski - Guitars Paul Barager - Guitars Justin Revoir - Bass Jason O' Connell - Drums


Who is TrenchFoot??? We are a band who can only be described as a group of five talented musicians who strive for nothing but the best. Formed in the spring of 1999, we have spent the last 4 years evolving and growing both as individual musicians and as an entity. Our sound can not be restricted by classification, as we strive to encompass the entire spectrum of musical possibilities. While encorporating powerful drumming, driving vocals, heart stopping guitar riffs and harmony we compose our music with angst and energy, eager to unleash it to the masses. The Trenchfoot live performance can be compared to no other, and everywhere we go the crowd is left in utter disbelief due to our energy and pure aggression on stage. With the release of our independent LP "First Assault" in January 2004 we unleashed our music onto the world, and the local music scene embraced it with open arms. We recently shook up the lineup of the band for the first time in 4 years by adding a new drummer, and an overall new dimension to our sound. With this change we have immerged as a new entity, ready to unleash ourselves upon the music scene, and will stop at nothing until our message is heard by all. Our website,, has counted over 100,000 hits and 150 plus registered members on our message board, and our street team is in full effect, promoting us every day and introducing our music to the masses. We have also received many hits on that have brought us greater notice and more exposure. Our mission is to gain respect and notice through our music, performance and personality and to take the next step whatever it may be. Get ready, here is TrenchFoot..................

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