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Full Blown Chaos
Band members
Ray - Vocals Ed - Bass Mike - Guitar Jeff - Drums


Like the first shots fired in anger Full Blown Chaos has ascended on a path of destruction that will leave the entire underground music scene on its side. Formed in 97· the band was Mike and Jeff Facci, Ed Conroy and Chris Morgan. Since then once time front man Joe White has passed the vocal duties on to Ray Mazzolla while keeping the core elements of FBC in Tact. Like steel forged from iron the lineup has galvanized into an infallible unit bent on producing some of the most intense and devastating music to come out of the NYC area in years.
The style of music is best described as multi-dimensional metal/hxc but tinged with sufficient originality that pushes the boundaries of both genres beyond any previous expectations. The wide range of ideas the band confronts adds to the overall depth of the music and forces one to take notice. In a music scene crowded with empty slogans and dissolved ideology FBC speaks about contemporary topics that apply to the real everyday lives of the listener. Tackling issues as diverse as the plight of modern day hxc to the crippling effects of mental illness FBC allows their sonic orchestrations to do all the talking. Groove driven breakdowns blend with overpowering harmonies and occasional slowed melodies clash with the ferocity of traditional hxc to weave a dark tapestry that will unrelentingly draw you in.
The band has toured the us extensively with the likes of label mates Sworn Enemy and Figure Four and has played with such notables as Hatebreed, All Out War, Death Threat, Etown Concrete ,God Forbid, Good Clean Fun and countless others. The experience has molded them early in their career into a touring machine while building a considerable fan base in the wake of the devastation left in each city. FBC has to this point released a 5 song mcd and appeared on numerous compilations including NY·s Hardest 3 (Agnostic Front, Dog Eat Dog, Son of Skam) and the recent 9-11 comp on Kentax Records. Having recently completed the recording and post production on their upcoming release on Stillborn Records (Fall 02·) FBC now has their eyes on the big prize and like a warhead at critical mass the momentum cannot be undone. If the first shots fired got your attention the final shots will be something to behold.

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