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Suidakra Bio

Band members
Arkadius - guitars and aggressive vocals Marcel - guitars and clean vocals (studio) Matthias - guitar (live), clean vocals (studio) Marcus - bass Lars - drums & percussion

Melodic Black/Death Metal With Folk/Medieval

2004 was a year without a proper tour for SuidAkrA, but the band still played their asses off with numerous single gigs and summer festivals in Germany and internationally.

After half of the new material was written, SuidAkrA split with Century Media Records due to differing views about the future of the band and decided to complete the album and record it at their own expense and risk, before starting the search for a new suitable label.

Change was also to occur when it came to choosing the right studio to record the album; after four successful collaborations with Andy Classen at the Stage One Studio, there had to be a change of scenery to encourage new creativity and a fresh wind. After a short search, the band found the perfect combination to get the right dose of pressure and power for the new record: the Gernhart Records studio, and producer Martin Buchwalter.

The collaboration with new guitarist Matthias had an entirely positive effect on the songwriting for "Command To Charge". Most songs were still written by the original band line-up and guitarist Marcel; however, Matthias put himself forward and gave, not least with his clean voice, another new facet to the style of SuidAkrA.

Finally, in November, 2004 SuidAkrA went into the studio. Due to the relaxed atmosphere and absence of the pressures of old, the band were able to experiment to their full potential. Musically SuidAkrA have kept their typical trademarks, yet without imitating their past selves. The die-hard fans will be pleased to hear the newly added Highland Bagpipes which appear for the first time. At the same time, the band presents itself as more modern and open than it's ever been. After completion of the album, all involved parties agreed that they have produced 47 minutes of their most balanced, innovated, focused and, without question, best music to date.

A new label was found in Armageddon Music, and the release date of the album was named as 25th April, 2005. With "Command To Charge", SuidAkrA are finally taking their overdue step into the highest class of the European Metalscene!

In 2005, SuidAkrA will do everything possible to promote their new album. In February at the Atarfe Vega Rock Festival in Granada/Spain, alongside bands such as Megadeth, Therion and Fear Factory, an exciting live presence has been displayed once again. Right after the release of the new album, SuidAkrA will be part of eleven shows on the "Wacken Road Show" German Tour in May 2005 with Holy Moses and Illdisposed, before appearing at some big summer festivals such as Summer Breeze and MetalCamp (Slovenia)…

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