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Instrumental Duo STELLAR DEATH Release 'Fragments of Light' / Album Streaming

Stellar Death Washington D.C. two-piece STELLAR DEATH have released debut album Fragments of Light. Stream/purchase on Bandcamp below. The album is also available on Spotify.

STELLAR DEATH - Fragments of Light :

Featuring eight instrumental tracks that traverse a vast and richly diverse musical landscape, Fragments of Light takes the listener on a challenging, yet rewarding journey. The album blends elements of prog rock, post metal and emotive ambiance for a sonic experience like none other.

The concept for the songs and album began in the Fall of 2019. Scott and Matt began to focus more on the development of instrumental music outside of the typical song structures and trappings. Through the Fall and Winter of 2019/2020, the songs and ideas kept coming back to their inspiration from the vast, cold, violent, and chaotic universe through which we are all traveling, seemingly unaware. The album provides a journey from the initial countdown-like and metronomic riffing of “The Astronomer,” which ascends into the maelstrom as the listener journeys deeper into the cosmos. As the album progresses, the voyage delves into the calm and serene vastness of space, while managing through the ever-changing turbulent and destructive forces that exist throughout.

Track Listing:
1) The Astronomer
2) Endless
3) Betelgeuse
4) Binary Collapse
5) Approaching the Singularity
6) Everywhere and Nowhere
7) Critical Mass (That Which Cannot Be Created)
8) Afterglow


STELLAR DEATH is a Washington, DC-based instrumental music project for the varied influences and inspirations of members Scott Loose and Matt Kozar. The two have collaborated musically for nearly 15 years, primarily through their band BRAVE. Although there is much appreciation and love for the music they have created through BRAVE, Scott and Matt sought a path not constrained by the structure and expectations that come with a band that has existed for over 20 years. Their collective desire to create instrumental music that focuses on specific themes, while drawing from their appreciation of film scores, led to the creation of STELLAR DEATH in November 2019. The project affords them the ability to fully explore different musical landscapes and sonic textures. Thus far they have dabbled with ambient and electronic soundscapes, embraced and elaborated on their progressive rock foundations, and further explored the tension and dynamics of post-rock and post metal. STELLAR DEATH has only just started to venture into new and exciting musical areas that attempt to merge all of these varied influences into a unique experience for the listener.

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    January 12, 2021

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