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SACROCURSE reveal first track from new SHADOW EP

Sacrocurse Today, Mexican black/death cult Sacrocurse reveals the new track "Herethical Catharsis." The track is the first to be revealed from the band's forthcoming new EP, Supreme Terror, set for international release on January 20th, 2021 via Shadow Records (distributed & marketed by Regain Records). Hear Sacrocurse's "Herethical Catharsis" in its entirety HERE: at Regain Records' Bandcamp.

One of the underground's best-kept secrets, Sacrocurse have been sticking to their nuclear-powered guns since 2012. The band, which has spanned continents in the past, is led by scene veteran ZK, who began his prolific career in Mexico's Unholier in the early '90s and has played in such south-of-the-border bands as Nodens and Morbosidad and has recently joined Russia's Pseudogod as tour session bass-player. However, it is Sacrocurse where ZK has made his name in recent years, and the band have delivered two foul full-lengths of warring black/death that retain the rich lifeblood of quintessential South American madness.

Supreme Terror is a quick-hitting four-song/17-minute warhead of that madness, and it's arguably this short-length format where Sacrocurse most excel. Armed with a production that's cutting 'n' clear yet ripping with a razorbladed rawness all the same, Supreme Terror lives up to its title and then some, with one martial torrent after another tearing apart the helpless listener. But let it be known that Sacrocurse drinks deeply the black blood of METAL, and never forget the importance of actual songwriting; while Supreme Terror is no doubt unhinged and urgent, chaos never overtakes proceedings, and ZK's barbed-wire throat and guitar give the record a strident simplicity of design that one could actually qualify as "catchy." Still, no safe spaces here – only ugliness, and unremittingly so!

As society sinks deeper into darkness, herald Supreme Terror with Sacrocurse!

Begin heralding with the brand-new track "Herethical Catharsis" HERE: at Regain Records' Bandcamp, where all formats of the EP can be preordered.


Tracklisting for Sacrocurse's Supreme Terror
1. Herethical Catharsis
2. Man Became Cursed
3. Temple is Open
4. From Genesis to Revelations


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    November 19, 2020

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