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Brooklyn’s WHITE CLIFFS Brings Psychedelic Elements To Double Single “Six Cylinder Run // On My Mind”

White Cliffs Today, White Cliffs aka. Rafe Cohan has released a double single with “Six Cylinder Run”/“On My Mind.” The Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist, pianist, and percussionist effortlessly blends psychedelic elements with indie rock, soul, and electronic for a modern shoegaze body of work.

Listen to "Six Cylinder Run"/"On My Mind” here:

"Six Cylinder Run"/"On My Mind” both came to life from a chance cross-country trip that almost never happened. "Last summer I met this new friend. I didn't know him very well but we became very tight when he was moving to LA," says White Cliffs. "His roommate bailed on him and he was supposed to drive across the country so I went with him and we made an EP starting with me in the passenger seat of a car with no real instruments, just on a laptop. The two songs represent the two legs of the trip.”

"Six Cylinder Run" is a sweet yet dazed ditty with a warped guitar and falsetto highlighted on this cross-country trip, longing for its destination. "On My Mind" has a mystique of the wee hours of the night with a distorted vocal, signifying the possibility of dozing off at any moment. "'On My Mind' is 2AM and you have hours ‘til you get to the hotel, pulling this U-Haul trailer and this is like hell. We worked on the songs in the hotel, we brought a bunch of gear with us, little synths, monitors, working on it in Albuquerque and in LA. It was the first time being in the ocean at sunset. This is a cute little starter pack.”

Look for videos for each song created by White Cliffs highlighting his cross-country journey to arrive in the coming weeks.


About White Cliffs:
If there are two sides of a musical coin, Brooklyn-based White Cliffs (A.K.A. Rafe Cohan) is a purist on one and an unconventional creator on the other - in one moment enveloped in the mastery of instruments and another lost in the art of producing. It's a complex that he might at times find to be a curse to his canvas, but in reality, it is the reason behind the resulting collage of sound. After years of honing his craft and experimenting with a variety of instruments, genres, and vocal styles, under the moniker White Cliffs, the act's music took off starting in 2017, securing a cross-country tour with Big Wild, among other acts like Elderbrook, STS9, in addition to a set at the Panorama Festival in New York City and debuting a four-person band at CRSSD Festival in San Diego. In late 2020, White Cliffs will release new music beginning with the double single "Six Cylinder Run"/"On My Mind.”

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    November 16, 2020

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