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CHRISTWVRKS to release their newest album "Messiah August 7th!

Christwvrks CHRISTWVRKS is the introspective death industrial multimedia project of Jamie Christ, a blackwork tattoo artist and member of Sectioned and Godhole – has forged a hellish alliance with Apocalyptic Witchcraft Records for his forthcoming record “Messiah Complex” which is penned for release for 07 August 2020.

CHRISTWVRKS comments: “It almost seemed impossible to find a label that would understand what CHRISTWVRKS is all about. Not just an act playing shows but an always changing and shifting art form, art rooted in extreme music, sadness, and depravity.

But Apocalyptic Witchcraft simply get it and I physically fist pumped the air like in a bad 80s movie when they showed interest in releasing my art after I sent demos to a number of labels I would have liked to work with. “

The project manifested after a personal tragedy which combined with Jamie Christ's affinity for noise, doom, black metal, and electronic music amalgamated into a grotesque and hellish visual and aural landscape that shapes the unique sound of CHRISTWVRKS.

Ever shifting and contorting, CHRISTWVRKS will never stagnate. Through collaborations with other artists, musicians, and through Jamie Christ's tireless work ethic, there will always be new devastating sounds around the corner.

Apocalyptic Witchcraft's founder Conor Droney comments: "I'm genuinely excited to be unleashing CHRISTWVRKS' art upon the world via Apocalyptic Witchcraft! I've been fortunate enough to work with a number of extreme music legends including the likes of Anaal Nathrakh, The Berzerker, and Gnaw Their Tongues. For me, CHRISTWVRKS embodies the spirit of all of these 3 whilst bringing his own unique twist to the table.”


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    June 28, 2020

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