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Iron Maiden star Bruce Dickinson was 'stunned' by the death of his estranged wife who he hoped was in a 'good place'

Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden star Bruce Dickinson was 'stunned' by the sudden death of his estranged wife, with friends saying the rocker thought she was 'happier and more settled'.

Tragic Patrice Bowden, 58, - known as Paddy - was found dead at her £3 million gated townhouse in Chiswick, west London, which she shared with the rock star before he moved out.

But friends say that, despite the split, Mr Dickinson's relationship with his estranged wife had been 'much improved' in the months leading up to her death.

The former couple were in a 'good place' and Mr Dickinson thought Paddy was happier and more settled.

He was shocked by news of her death, the source added.

It comes as friends told MailOnline on Monday that Paddy had hid herself away in her £3million home in the months leading up to her death on Monday.

She is thought to have been found by her housekeeper.

As an exclusive video shows, three forensic police officers, wearing white protective bodysuits, entered the home as distraught family members waited outside.

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    May 21, 2020

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