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Finland's TEMPLAR to release debut demo on CALIGARI - streaming now

Templar One of the most utterly unhinged recordings Caligari has come across in recent years, Templar's Nuclear Hell Decibelfucking the Charred Remains of the Christ was originally self-released digitally and on super-limited cassette during the autumn of 2018. Accurately titled in all its absurd glory, form completing meeting content, Templar's first public recording was indeed a nuclear-charged explosion of chaotic blackthrash, berzerker speed metal, and demented Japanese-style punk. Everything's going off the rails here, all the time, but somehow Templar pull it all together with swaggering style - as well as a perverse, uncanny ear for a (hellish) hook.

Hooked since first hearing it, Caligari now unleashes Nuclear Hell Decibelfucking the Charred Remains of the Christ in a wider-scale tape edition, bolstered by remixed & remastered sound, ensuring full-force delirium tremens. Templar have just started their march, so support these knights or fall to their decibel-fucking blade!

Fully march with a full stream of this new remastered edition HERE: at Caligari Records' Bandcamp, where the tape version can be preordered. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Templar (Finland)'s
Nuclear Hell Decibelfucking the Charred Remains of the Christ
1. Decibel Tyrant
2. Flaming Metal Supremacy
3. War Lesbians
4. Templaric 女武侠
5. Renegade Templar of the Radiating Deserts



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    March 22, 2020

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