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NEKROFILTH stream new all-covers EP at "Decibel" magazine's website

NEKROFILTH Today, metalpunk rippers Nekrofilth stream the entirety of their special all-covers EP, Love Me Like a Reptile, at Decibel magazine's website. Set for international release on July 12th via Hells Headbangers on 7" vinyl format.

Tellingly titled, Love Me Like a Reptile includes a cover of the classic Motörhead song on Side A, with fittingly ripping Nekrofilth-styled covers of Rudimentary Peni's "Media Person," Mortician's "Zombie Apocalypse," and Mob 47's "Det är Upp Till Oss" all on Side B. This all-covers EP comes quickly after Worm Ritual, the band's long-awaited second album for Hells Headbangers, which proves that this power-trio are nastier and yet more finessed than ever. The cover of Motörhead's "Love Me Like a Reptile" was recorded during the same sessions and with the same lineup as Worm Ritual, while the three covers on Side B were recorded during an earlier session. Altogether, however, the EP works as a quick-hitting companion piece to Worm Ritual.

Some expected influences and some unexpected, with stylistically nodding artwork courtesy of Lauren Gornik Illustration, Nekrofilth's Love Me Like a Reptile EP is a fun 'n' furious addition to these always defiant metalpunks' deep discography! Hear all of it for yourself a day before worldwide release, courtesy of Decibel, North America's only monthly metal magazine.

Tracklisting for Nekrofilth's Love Me Like a Reptile
1. Love Me Like a Reptile [Motorhead]
2. Media Person [Rudimentary Peni]
3. Zombie Apocalypse [Mortician]
4. Det är Upp Till Oss [Mob 47]

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    July 11, 2019

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