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Evil Brain Taste Headquartered in Reading, England, Evil Brain Taste has really taken things waay up a notch with this EP.

Evil Brain Taste has delivered a set of songs that defy thrash convention stretching the genre while at the same time calling up some traditional groove with a dash of Floridian style thrash and even a few remnants of black metal, like for instance the title track with its fast shredding that musically sounds like that uniform guitar sound that is really fast but almost blends into longer single pitch.

Unique in every right, this is unquestionably some of the best thrash metal, I have heard in quite a while. The Genre is I suppose a bit obscure being a very small set of bands with the same combination with a genre name that is of a variety of different ambiguities such as Zombie Death Metal, Zombie Thrash Metal, etc. Finding an all encompassing label for this outfit is difficult because of its diversity of styles

I feel its important in the beginning here that we do a quick explanation for new fans - because I think that every thrash fan as well as non thrash fans are going to be interested in these tracks. The music is not about zombie hunters, or the endless fight of humans against the undead menace. Instead its sympathetic to the Zombie condition. The Zombies are the protagonists here.

The band name calls one to wonder if Evil Brain Taste is a positive statement about their brain fare or a negative one. Regardless, in the UK, sympathy for food taste and epicurean matters, is not likely to garner any agreement or empathy.

They honestly do take a stand on zombie rights, according to Legg “We’ve no home country. We get prejudiced to be stupid, and we’ve no special bathroom”

I don’t think anyone will disagree that the undead, have a special style of macabra that calls forth the creepiness of being mobbed by monsters and the eairyness of the very dim consciousness. The fact that no single zombie is as dangerous as a horde provide a special kind of fear among fans of the lore. They will get in, it's just a matter of time. There always seems to be an endless supply of them.

All these characteristics can be applied as well to the music.

The songs - all of them - are awesome tunes from some of the coolest riffs in the metalverse, combined with elements from a variety of extreme metal styles that fit together perfectly. I would say there is a leaning toward thrash in the majority of the tracks. When I first took a look at them I was guarded, after I listened, I had this feeling that I was hearing a towering achievement of writing. This music should be getting airplay. While it maintains its aggressiveness it has this unexplained but very powerful familiarity and organic feel. The vox is very diverse and ads another dimension. With a strong accessibility (an extreme compliment in this case,) an occasional synth or keyboard sound providing an ever so slight symphonic element while bringing an epic cinematic feel that is addictive.

This is “full” metal as in the opposite of stark. It uses time very efficiently and leaves the listener a very satisfying result. On heavy rotation in the Gauntlet den it has not even touched getting tired - it may be on its way to a top ten list somewhere.

Meanwhile, buy this extraordinary EP, play it and let's help get “I am evil death taste” the recognition it deserves!

Evil Brain Taste is:

Vocals: Bone
Guitars: Stench
Bass: Chot
Drums: Legg

Tracklisting: Running Time 22:40
The Day When Everything Became About Brains (5:47)
I Am Evil Brain Taste (2:54)
Terinator (3:24)
Spider Bath (3:24)
Ghosts (3:35)
Ultimate Zombie (3:18)

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    July 11, 2019

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