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(The True) Veiled In Blinding Presence Into Endless Chaos 7 January 2019

Bats INTO ENDLESS CHAOS RECORDS is proud to present the striking debut album of Germany's VEILED, In Blinding Presence, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Otherwise known as (THE TRUE) VEILED to avoid confusion with the myriad other bands with the "Veiled" moniker, this brazen quartet from Leipzig appear like a bolt from the blue after a teasingly short split 7" with Abysmal Wounds earlier this year through INTO ENDLESS CHAOS. Fully formed, shockingly confident, boundlessly inspired, In Blinding Presence indeed approximates its title with gleamingly obsidian brilliance.

Some steps lead to saintly aisles, others to the deep chasm of your inner self. The psychotic black metal of (THE TRUE) VEILED on their full-length debut does both and forms the last part of the triunity to ruin your perception. Clanging with unsettling clarity, heaving hypnotically down corridors strangely alluring yet eternally damning, In Blinding Presence brings black metal into harshly austere focus: simultaneously monochromatic and kaleidoscopic, its angularity throws rude-yet-refined shapes, all with the deft touch of masters. Yearning 'n' yawning riffs burrow deeply into the subconscious, warping the listener's parameters of comprehension but emerging uniquely enlightening all the same; vocals are maniacal in their hysteria, their urgency, yet exude world-weary wisdom. Or, perhaps we could just simply say that (THE TRUE) VEILED here display how to push black metal toward adventurousness whilst retaining its core values.

Dispel your mind with the healing atter and get lost in the weave of the three norns. Drink and sup voraciously upon the bounty of the future's ancients. Here, (THE TRUE) VEILED shall reveal to you truths In Blinding Presence.

Preorder info can be found HERE.

Recorded by Veiled
Mixed by Harvest of Eyes
Mastered by Nene Baratto at Big Snuff Studio
Cover artwork by S.Wünsche


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    November 08, 2018

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