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Music is Valuable

We all know metal fans are the most loyal fans according to musicologists unanimously. This loyalty will NEVER DIE!

Hello loyal fans!! Its Kenny and Jason with the Gauntlet and we have tremendous admiration for your support of Metal! Many of you may have noticed that we have been dormant for some time. This is not a death squirm. In fact it's quite the contrary. We made a decision to work morning noon and night on a project that will change music press for ever. There has been a small working group building what we are calling the Antares project that will blow away everything you every thought the metal press could be. This will not be new designs, colors, etc. Instead it is an entirely new business model. I would suggest not speculating because you will never get it. Currently we are scheduled for official launch Tuesday 18 Oct, if everything goes as planned. There is one thing I can tell you this change will be good for everyone in the metal sphere.

We are rapidly approaching our 25 anniversary 2020. Currently we are 23 years at 99.999 % uptime. We were the first music press of any kind and that was metal,and led the pack for a good long while. A lot of this is because of the founder’s fearlessness and willingness to try anything. We love Metal and along with the adrenaline surge, we want to provide a lot of fun to all. We are the last independent metal press of its size in existence. We have had single days of several million visitors. We provided live nation with its concert scheduling when it went down
We work with all the labels and publicists metal bands, venues, managers, We are beyond excited about our forthcoming announcement. Tonight, we will resume our publicity.

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    September 12, 2018

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