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H. Bosch art for gauntlet story Most of you know the Gauntlet has been running for 23 years consecutively. Many from the early days will remember this site as an organization that is radically willing to do anything to get recognition for Metal Bands. And we still are radically willing. Soon there will be a detailed the full biography of the first online press to cover metal and its founder the legendary Jason Fischer who knew At least one publisher thinks it is worthy of publication.

The Gauntlet was the first and remains an independent press to this day. It has been called the musician's magazine, due to the fact that most of us are metal musicians. It has been controversial and criticized, honored and adored. With over one million articles, The Gauntlet fans are the most loyal fans in the media. The book will leave nothing out.

From performing satanic weddings on gravestones, turning down a $500,000 offer from Spin, Running the tour schedule for Live Nation when their system went down, getting exclusive coverage of the Randy Blythe manslaughter case with both Randy and his Attorney, real reviews with no artspeak, but real descriptions. Interviews that don't ask the same formulaic questions that often get praise from the subjects because they are so sick of re-run interviews. a willingness to help any band from deep underground to club, theatre, and arena acts by having discussions about how to break through, From crusades to stop the value gap to booking tours. There is almost nothing The Gauntlet will not do.

This piece of snippets is only a tiny tiny part of the whole story. Look for the book in all formats this fall.

Also after this fall, the Gauntlet will introduce a dozen or so new types of media, that has yet to be done by anyone in any media venture. We cant share it with you now but you will get fair warning.

As you can see our user experience has changed radically and there is more of that to come as well.

So stay tuned for some metallian innovation. Thanks for your support and for your loyalty

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    April 12, 2018

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