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CROBOT CROBOT is an energetic, spontaneous (as in, combustion) and full throttle rock band that I let, voluntarily mind you, #RockMyFaceOff last weekend on their stop at GMBG in Dallas, Texas. These fellas from Pennsylvania take it to a level that I was not expecting, if I can be frank.

See, CROBOT isn't a "new" band in any way - this outfit has a few records under their belt and a tour dossier that is stacked thick from sharing the stage with some pretty big names. But this isn't about those bands. I don't wanna muck up the water to prohibit you from peering into it to find what you're destined to find.

Dramatic? Maybe. But let me tell you, CROBOT'S live show will make you see the glorious light of rock and roll; bright and shining. For those of you that think that rock is dead, think again because CROBOT will force-feed the truth to your heads with every song they play for you. And all you have to do is show up at one of their remaining gigs on this current tour. That's it. Simple.

Here's the deal though. CROBOT is anything but simple. There is nothing simple about an alien pod-like, bud looking thing made out of foam being wheeled out as the lights are flickering and the band turns their instruments on. (Imagine having to pack that thing up and ensure it's safety to the next city...). Not to mention as the music falls into time and the melody to the first song gains and begins to pelt the audience, a hand breaks the opening and a few measures later BRANDON stands up and crawls out like it's the first time he has seen people since the stop before tonight's show.

While nothing but the look of glee and surprise strike his face, the reflections from his blue sequined smoking jacket flicker on everyone's faces as if to wake us all up or at least shake off the dust in preparation for what's about to come.

The significance of the pod-looking alien, flower bud thingie is really irrelevant because BRANDON'S smile is intoxicating and makes everyone else smile and even scream to egg on what's about to go down, even more. Since I've not seen CROBOT before, I really had no expectations to what was going to happen next after seeing a singer being birthed from a foam plant pod. And you know what? I'm really glad I was there to just soak it all in and see what these dudes that love rock and roll, do to it. Such is the purpose and magic of a live show, ya know?

No? You don't know? Well, as you think about what the purpose of rock music - and seeing live rock music - is to you, I'll tell you about what rock's purpose is for me and why CROBOT'S show was like getting zapped by a trick lighter you know is going to zap you but you listen to your friends tell you it isn't, trusting them as you engage the switch that lights the flame.

For me, I like to see a good rock show that stirs something within me. That could be the actual music played, the lyrics, the way the band performs the song, any of those things and if that happens within me, the band is on the road to fulfilling that purpose I'm supposed to receive. I wasn't completely unfamilair with CROBOT, I reviewed the MOTHERBRAIN record last year and I've chatted with CHRIS the guitar player too.

What was so shocking was my reaction to a band I know is good on a record, and then seeing them with some of the tunes in front of an audience's faces. CROBOT live, was an entirely different feeling because while I knew I'd be pleased because I had heard the record, I didn't know I would have to pick my face off the side of the stage because it got there before me. You know, my face slamming into it as the rest of me tried to catch up?

CROBOT are four guys that are fresh and they're as polished as the good china is when it's on the table for a special occasion. Musically, there is no room for any kind of error or goofs because they could probably play these songs in their sleep. Not because they're that easy to play, but the easy part stems from those that are around you. CROBOT just gels and really delivers what is lacking, at least for me, in some rock shows.

I love to see energy that matches the song's tempos or the mood in the air from everyone being present. Watching CHRIS and BRANDON fuse with this energy is like the spring's energy behind those last cold AF nights; as it hits you you're instantly awake and all wide-eyed, ready for what's next. CROBOT suggests in their music that there is always room to move; this way or that way and we can find momentum within the music.

I would have taken that sequined smoking coat or leisure jacket off after the first song, if I were BRANDON merely because I'd sweat profusely or it might itch me. But he kept it on, dashing around this side of the stage to that side like he was trying to clone himself in the light patterns he was leaving in his imaginary wake. BRANDON has one of the best vocals I have heard since Corey Taylor's STONE SOUR. He is a fabulous performer and the audience loved him; they ate it up. Many of these fans had seen CROBOT before, that was visible from throwing up the rock hands whilst singing along.

Seeing fans get down with their favorite bands, is one of the reasons I love writing show reviews. Because I may not be familiar, I may not dig them all that much, I may have thought I didn't dig them and watch their set and love them; there are a gazillion different reasons for my reaction - but when watching that reaction in others be as favorable as the one CROBOT received, that was wicked cool!

Music is such a powerful tool, y'all! It can shake of the heeby-geebees, it can boost your mood, make you cry because you need to, smile, make memories, recall other memories, music is so great at being the zap of energy from you to the music. I've said this before and I will keep saying it until I can say it without watering up - music and the power within those notes along with the lyrics specifically written for all of the songs that stirred something within me; I might not be where I am today.

And if it weren't for bands like CROBOT that literally donkey punch me in to my own shoes from time to time, I might not be sitting at my desk typing this for you. I might be running like an insane horse towards another burning barn.

This doesn't just work for fans though. It works for those playing in bands just the same. Being a musician is rough and it can be a long and hard road for musicians that don't take themselves too seriously, can strive for epic shows every night, but be content when you don't spontaneously combust on stage. The music musicians create can catapult them into being that insane horse or being the burning barn. It can also show where progress has overruled perfection in getting to the next level; whatever that level might be.

For CROBOT, they're still climbing and doing what they love to do. It's obvious from this show that they are loving bringing MOTHERBRAIN out to fans and making new fans along the way. BRANDON'S voice is stout, powerful, and clear and I am not kidding when I say that he makes being a damn good front man look easy AF (when we all know it is not - well at least not all the time). Dude, I'm telling you - his voice is TIGHT and super-star-esque and backed by musicians that read his flails and flicks of his hair and dips of the entire body towards the stage. CHRIS BISHOP (Guitars) and JAMES LASCU (Bass) steady the helm and hold it all in for them and this is not saying that's a bad thing. Being energetic and wildly ergonomic is part of entertaining an audience and something that BRANDON YEAGLEY does an extension of his singing.

There is something afoot with CROBOT that I feel stems from the love of what they do and finally being free to do it. I saw a passion that I don't see all the time in bands - that's not saying it's not there, I just didn't see it. But there is way too much of this spiritual ju-ju ooze that is symbolically covering CROBOT for it not to mean something. Someone! Quickly find some tea leaves, a tea cup, and someone to read said leaves so we can know WTactualF is happening! Just kidding - I don't believe in all of that soothsayer business. I just rely on what I experience in a band.

And please, let's be real here - do not think that I'm in any way saying that CROBOT needs to wear shades all the time because I said their future is so bright...all I'm saying is that they are confident, poised, deliver some bad ass rock music, and are some of the most talented players to get down with the funky rock that they concoct.

Now, if you head over to and check out the remaining dates on this tour to find the closest show to your locale! You can also pre-jam MOTHERBRAIN via MASCOT LABEL GROUP at any music streaming service like Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, etc!

Check out the show pics from the pit over in the Photos section and make sure you keep an eye out for my one on one chat with BRANDON YEAGLEY coming soon!

Til Next Time - MRML - Cherri


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    February 28, 2020

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