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Infernus 'considering taking some legal action on the continued exploitation of the Gorgoroth name'

Gorgoroth In an exclusive interview with Gorgoroth guitarist and founder Infernus, The Gauntlet asked him about his recent court victory, upcoming legal challenges, and ofcourse the next Gorgoroth album. When talking about what is next, Infernus stated he is still "considering taking some legal action on the continued exploitation of the Gorgoroth name."

When asked about friends and associates taking the other factions side in the legal dispute, he stated "Not many, but there were a few key people. In terms of the common organization that was running things for us behind the scenes and parts of the distribution system, a few of them went to the counterpart and have been collaborating with them. There were also a lot of media outlets and members of the press that did the same. I am personally not much into the media circus though. I do not need to feed on hopeless self-mythologizations. I know my time, when i have to do the priorities right, for example disappear and go to the studio. Acta non verba. With that being said, most people in the scene have taken a clear standpoint when it was needed, and most have been in favor of me and my case. Gorgoroth's case."

You can read the entire interview here

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    April 08, 2009

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