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LAMB OF GOD Front man - Randy Blythe Leads Counter Protest of Westboro Baptist Church's Message of Hate.

Randy Blythe of Lamb of God March 11, 2019 Richmond, VA: Randy Blythe front man of the Metal Band, LAMB of GOD, and resident of Virginia showed up with kazoo's and other noise makers along with a group of metalheads, to counter-protest hate group: Westboro Baptist Church (WBC)

WBC of Kansas,making headlines again spewing its message of hate by showing its now well known brand of protest, called by many "the most evil organization of all time."

Randy Blythe - Rapidly becoming the most honorable man in metal lead a crowd of 100 or more metalheads and other opposition in a kazoo chorus to drown out the message of WBC.

The WBC showed up at the capital to protest the election of Danica Roem, the first and only transgender candidate to be elected to Virginia's General Assembly. Danica is also a metal musician herself and member of the band CAB RIDE HOME. She was moved as she looked on at the protest that sent the WBC packing within one half hour.

Including cacophony of noise with kazoo's, drums, cowbells and other sounds, this unique and peaceful protest was extremely effective in drowning out the the shouts and songs of hate that were coming from the WBC. Chalk one up for Metal, Diversity, and Liberty for All.

Metalhead and Proud supporter of Danica.

An Apros Pos Lamb of God tune:

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    March 12, 2019

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