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A Closer Look At The Video Evidence In The Randy Blythe Case

Randy Blythe Since the Randy Blythe story broke more than two weeks ago, The Gauntlet has been working extremely hard looking for evidence of what happened. Our starting point from day one was witness testimony. Witnesses claimed that Daniel climbed on stage three times where Blythe proceeded to cause him injury which they claim led to his death a month later. Now over two years later, Daniel's friends are stating differently. "There are many videos which do not even show [the alleged victim, Daniel Nosek]," the friend, who also attended the gig, told Jonathan Crane of The Prague Post. "He got up onstage only once, at the end of the concert. Randy was brutal, and pushed Dan down where nobody could catch him. I don't think he meant to kill Dan. But I hope he will be punished."

This site sought out the video evidence and found it last week. The video footage showed three times Daniel Nosek was on stage and showed that Randy Blythe only had brief contact with Daniel the second time he was on stage as a security guard threw him off. (click here)

Upon posting the footage, we were then told by witnesses that there must have been a fourth time Daniel was on stage as Randy was aggressive at the end of the show, not middle. We also began hearing from people that it isn't Daniel in the footage. We looked harder and found nothing until earlier this week when we posted photos (see here) of what witnesses say is Randy Blythe choking Daniel. We were able to prove upon enlarging the images that Daniel clearly is in no pain and that Randy can't be choking him as his hand is on the back of Daniel's head. It also looks like Daniel is singing with Randy.

Today we are going to look further into who is in the video footage and if it is Daniel being thrown by a security guard to the ground and smashing his head into the iron guardrail.

We will start with an image that Daniel Nosek's friends have stated is of Daniel on stage. This is the photo we claim as the fourth time Daniel is on stage.

randy blythe daniel nosek
The photo above shows Daniel on his back throwing the horns up and having a good time. Notice Daniel's forearm muscles how it creates a bit of a shadow. Also notice his long hair, dark plain shirt (possibly maroon) with no printing and his high hairline.

randy blythe daniel nosek
Now take a look at the photo from the video as Daniel is thrown to the ground by security. Same shadow on the forearm from the 1st shot. Daniel's head is in the center of the frame.

randy blythe daniel nosek
A split second later, Daniel angles his head down. Notice the hairline that matches the first photo above. Also notice the belt at the left edge of the frame that is reflecting the light a little. (comes up later) Daniel's arm still in frame on the left, head in center.

randy blythe daniel nosek
Here we can see Daniel’s wearing a plain dark colored shirt with no printing on the back. Mainly looking at his elbow on the left, and back. Head center/right.

randy blythe daniel nosek
This photo is of the same incident, 1 second after the previous as Daniel leans forward to get up. Notice the high hairline, dar maroonish shirt. The person in this photo looks exactly like the person in the first photo above. Just look at the nose, chin, eyes and hairline and it is clear the person in the photos is the same person that gets thrown head first by security.

randy blythe daniel nosek
Now we move to the first time Daniel was on stage. This is footage from when he climbs up on stage and jumps into the crowd on his own. We can see the long hair, high hairline, plain dark shirt.

randy blythe daniel nosek
Photo of Daniel jumping into the crowd the first time he was on stage. We can see the long hair, plain dark shirt, and belt in the still frame.

randy blythe daniel nosek
Another photo of Dan. Again, high hairline, defines chin, long hair. Same face as the guy on stage in photo 1 above. This is the photo from Dan's facebook. So we know with 100% certainty that this one is of Dan.

The videos of a fan on stage three times and getting slammed down head first by security look very much like Daniel Nosek. The photo of the fan at the end of the show also looks like Dan and this is the photo that friends have stated is Dan on stage being brutalized by Randy. Are these all of the same person? They look very similiar and are wearing matching clothes. They have the same body features, build, hairline and hairstyle too. You be the judge.

Check out our previous coverage on the Randy Blythe incident here

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    July 13, 2012

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