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MYSTIC PRIESTESS: Oakland deathrock group "Mystic Priestess" conjures magic on new EP "No Tomorrow Only Today"

Mystic Priestess "... it’s eerie and bewitching and captivating!" -- CVLT Nation

Emerging from the Bay Area deathrock and dark punk scene, Mystic Priestess just released a bewitching new single “Mystic Priestess”, off of their most recent EP, No Tomorrow Only Today. The video, directed by Akiko Sampson of Ötzi and produced by Psychic Eye, just premiered via Cvlt Nation. Depicting occult rituals performed underneath a seaside moon, the video also serves as a showcase for the band’s ferocious live performance.

“For the video we wanted to capture the moon shining above the sea to represent the cleansing power of the moon and the healing femme energy it holds, which is also the theme of the lyrics,” says singer Sierra Rose. “The song 'Mystic Priestess' is an invocation to empower femme energy in a world of toxic masculinity.”

Guitarist and saxophonist Winter Zora adds, “It’s a reminder of our connection with the earth and how we can utilize that energy to protect and heal ourselves from the day to day obstacles we face as femmes in a world of predominantly white cis male normalized superiority.”

MYSTIC PRIESTESS was founded by Sierra Rose and Winter Zora in 2016, and they are joined by bassist Audie Zalavera and drummer Alexis Blair. They released their first EP, the self-titled Mystic Priestess, on Transylvanian Tapes in 2017, and followed it with No Tomorrow Only Today in 2018. Based in California, the band has toured the West Coast and billed with deathrock pioneers such as Gitane Demone Quartet and Altar de Fey, hardcore punk trailblazers Negative Approach, post-punk luminaries 13th Chime, and the Chilean darkwave duo Diavol Strain.

With their sound strongly influenced by deathrock and anarcho-punk traditions, Mystic Priestess has a modern voice entirely their own. While immediately evoking the haunting cries of Siouxsie and the Banshees and the defiant growls of Christian Death and the Plasmatics, aspects of the music also are reminiscent of anarcho punk and crust bands such as Amebix, Rubella Ballet, Rudimentary Peni and Antischism. Mystic Priestess is currently working on their forthcoming EP.


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    May 02, 2019

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