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Uhtceare El Genocidio Primordial Llevará El Nombre Infinito De La Empatía

Uhtceare Aptly, the band is described as “One Man Depressive/Ambient Black Metal with rage between our eroded teeths”, and such is the feelings while listening to El Genocidio Primordial Llevará El Nombre Infinito De La Empatía: despair and desolation in the atmospheric parts, giving way to screams of rage and ice-cold guitars during up-tempos.

Uhtceare offers a wide range of solutions, overstepping the boundaries of depressive black metal: this happens particularly with the titletrack, a five-minute electronic interlude which sounds like the influence of psybient producers such as Solar Fields or Aes Dana. This happens just before a sixteen-minute-long piece of atmospheric black metal with clean, baritone voices and cascadian-like riffs.

El Genocidio… is the first full-length album by Uhtceare, and shows a young band with may arrows in its quiver, and we are very proud to have it released under the Flowing Downward banner. The digipak CD will be available from March 10th.

Depressive/ambient black Metal

Huszar - Guitar , bass , vocals , drum & synth programming

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    March 05, 2019

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