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Dwarrowdelf "of dying lights"

Dwarrowdelf Produced by Mike Lamb (Sojourner), with astonishing artwork by Jordan Grimmer, the seven tracks contained in Of Dying Lights “loosely addresses the concept of light and darkness within the eras of Middle-Earth”. Expect a very melodic, mid-tempoed style of epic black metal, with clean vocals and synth melodies built on drum-machine patterns. Indeed Summoning is the main inspiration for Dwarrowdelf, but O’Dell draws influences from Empyrium and the symphonic side of black metal as well. Actually, the only black metal element in his music is guitars, making Of Dying Lights one of a kind.

Guests on Dwarrowdelf new album are Chloe Bray (Sojourner), singing on “Where Daylight Dies” and Jack Reynolds (Asira and Bykürius), contributing with harsh vocals on “Home Of The Dead”, the latter being a fascinating rework of Summoning masterpiece “Land Of The Dead”.

Of Dying Lights will be released on CD on March 30th.

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    March 05, 2019

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