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ELECTRO DUO XENO & OAKLANDER Known for mining melodies from minimal arrangements, Xeno & Oaklander have found a way to make electronic music that’s as infectious as it is evocative. Their latest single, the pulse-punching nostalgia trip “Insomnia,” brings eloquence and nuance to dance music. Once again, Xeno & Oaklander have built a sound in the elusive balance between rhythm and reason.

“Insomnia” appears on the Hypnos LP, due out on March 8th from Dais Records as well as a limited 12” vinyl single and digital release out today. Side A features “Insomnia” while Side B features the glittery dance number “The Light, The Whisper,” which also appears on Hypnos. These tracks find vocalist Liz Wendelbo’s wispy soprano and pictoral lyrics at the peak of their powers.

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    February 08, 2019

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