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Thrash Band Banned From Entering Bar In Utah

Metal Kids Members of New Zealand thrash band Alien Weaponry have been banned from performing at The Depot in Salt Lake City, Utah. The tour stop is part of the upcoming Ministry tour. Due to Utah state liquor laws, the band is prohibited from entering the bar due to the fact the members are minors. The depot often books all ages shows, but the Ministry tour is not one of them.

“All our other Ministry shows stay unchanged and we sincerely apologize to all our Salt Lake City fans, but it’s the result of legal stuff beyond our control,” the band’s manager, Neil de Jong, said in a statement.

The members of Alien Weaponry — Henry De Jong, 18, and 16-year-olds Lewis De Jong and Ethan Trembath — are members of the indigenous Waipu people and perform their songs in the Maori language.

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    November 01, 2018

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