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Hail The Dark Lord...A Missed Connection

Power Metal fans Seems like some girl...or possibly guy, has something for stoner doom bands. In a missed connection on craigslist she writes:

"Yo guitarist of Dark Earth,
We exchanged direct eye contact a few times while I was sitting at the bar with my male friend. I think you're adorable as hell, dig your hair, and you shred on guitar. I have blue hair and was wearing a doom patch on my shirt with a black patch hoodie. I left and came back while you were playing your set. Unfortunately, I had to leave shortly after. Your band fuckin rocks, maybe we can get a drink and listen to metal sometime? Name another band that played the set when emailing
Hail the Dark Lord \m/(-__-)\m/"

James Sotelo is the guitarist she is looking for. The show took place Feb 23 at The Caravan Lounge in San Jose. It was a 21+ show. Other bands on the bill that night were Sludgebucket, Tuco Ramirez, and Big Red Beaver. Hopefully James keeps us updated!

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    March 01, 2013

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